P.M. Dawn – Reality Used To Be A Friend Of Mine

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Andromeda and Pleiadian spaceships near Earth. At a time they had been told to go to a place to see them, but the group had been watched and others followed them – concealed. But they all saw some “lights” that some thought to be helicopters – others that they was reflected lights from cars in clouds. One of the officers asked what we were doing there. They had been warned by some peasants, who had called the central police station after seeing a strange “helicopter” hovering over the fields.

They thought it could be smugglers and decided to warn the authorities. At that time, Colombia had not yet been afflicted by drug trafficking. I immediately associated the strange lights, which we had blamed on cars, with “flying saucers. There was no doubt, the country people had seen the same objects! Richard Deeb, the oldest in the group, approached the commander of the patrol and identified himself. As a coincidence, Richard carried a calling card from a friend of his, a general of the Republic, when the officer looked at the card, speechless, he saluted him, thinking he was the general himself. Richard explained to them that our presence at that place and hour was part of certain contemplation and meditation exercises that were to be practiced outdoors.

The officer was satisfied and, after looking at the faces of each one in the group, allowed us to go our way. At least, for a short while, we had forgotten the purpose of our visit to La Calera. Several country-folk around the soldiers stared at us with curiosity. We were a rather unusual sight, at midnight in such a place. We walked down to our cars, without a word, and once inside them agreed to follow exactly the instructions given by the “beings from Andromeda. Each of us would await a message the next day at our homes at noon sharp, and at 8:00 p. Richard Deeb’s home to compare our information.

Then we left for our homes. I arrived home very late that night. She assumed that I had been busy working late, perhaps installing a computer or taking care of some important business. She had no idea where I had been. Colombia, celebrated with special ceremonies about the “Discovery of America.

Minutes before noontime, I tried to persuade my wife to leave me alone in the house for a couple of hours. I lived in the barrio “Santa Isabel” in Bogota, well-known because of the many emerald traffickers who lived there. Enrique, if you get involved with those “Martians”, you are going to become insane! She slammed the door and left with my dog Dingo, who, happily wagging his tail, ran away after her. I disconnected the doorbell and retired to the bedroom.

I readied paper and pencil and sat on the bed, starting my relaxation and concentration exercises. I removed my watch from my left wrist. Time passed quickly, but nothing happened. I decided that I was not one of the chosen ones and that I should end the concentration. I got up and walked towards the window. How can a ‘flying saucer’ possibly arrive at my home, at 12:00 noon, on a holiday, and with all these people on the street?