New Man Waiting – A Jigsaw – Letters From The Boatman

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Pard’s Christmas, new Man Waiting – A Jigsaw – Letters From The Boatman Annals of Pard XIII What’s Under the Tree? And gie’s a paw o’ thine! Are they going to say this is fantasy?

A wild country inhabited by monsters, an old couple who must leave their home without knowing exactly why, a sense that important things have been, perhaps must be, forgotten . Such images and moods could well embody a story about the approach of old age to death, and indeed I think that is at least in part the subject of the book. But so generic a landscape and such vague, elusive perceptions must be brought to life by the language of the telling. Will readers follow me into this?

Will they understand what I’m trying to do, or will they be prejudiced against the surface elements? It appears that the author takes the word for an insult. To me that is so insulting, it reflects such thoughtless prejudice, that I had to write this piece in response. Fantasy is probably the oldest literary device for talking about reality. Surface elements,’ by which I take it he means ogres, dragons, Arthurian knights, mysterious boatmen, etc. Beowulf, the Morte d’Arthur, and The Lord of the Rings, are also much imitated in contemporary commercial hackwork.