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Indeed, it’s a great irony that Marc Bolan is best known for his early Seventies’ glam albums. Even so, for the most part it’s product. Glam’s main flaw is the very essence of glam – an emphasis on theater, mystification, pomp and braggardness. Because he had a superb legacy, that’s why.

Marc was something of a hippie guru, playing trippy, unprecedented acoustic ‘mantras’ that were equally influenced by Indian music, Bob Dylan, and J. Only selected traces of his early style, however, are evident in Bolan’s glam compositions. These are mostly prominent in his lyrics, which should often be paid attention to: while he did occasionally let himself down by penning teenage girl-attracting odes like ‘Life’s A Gas’ or ‘Jeepster’, much of that stuff is pretty funny and intelligent, and sometimes his wordplay is downright fascinating, though it never reaches the heights of the Guru – Bob Dylan. Electric Warrior or Slider is like passing a judgement over Bowie for Ziggy Stardust without having heard anything else. The duet abbreviated its name to T.