Good Things – Various – 20 Country Greats

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What ever happened to these ’70s country music legends? Country music is the most popular genre of music in the United States today. The music has a whole good Things – Various – 20 Country Greats of genres within it, from Rhinestone Country to Bluegrass, Outlaw country to even pop country, most people in the United States have a favorite sub-genre or country music musician.

But before the 1970s, country music was completely different. The style of music was a derivative of Appalachian bluegrass and southern folk music. These different styles of music were pretty geographically isolated for much of the history of the United States. Appalachia in particular is known for its remoteness, while the south was quite its own entity up until the end of the United States Civil War. However, once the Great Depression coupled with the Dust Bowl hit and farmland turned essentially into an apocalyptic wasteland, people from rural areas all over the country started coming into the cities looking for work. And with them they brought all their different styles of music.

Even Hawaiian slack key guitar made it to these cities. Cities such as Nashville, Houston, and New Orleans saw an influx of these climate refugees who all had musical talents. Eventually, these musical talents from different cultures and different parts of the United States all ended up influencing each other. Couple that with the ability to record and disseminate music cheaper and easier than ever before, and you have the makings of a new, all American genre.

However, country music really did not come into its own until the 1970s. The genre was helped along by famous household names such as Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, and Loretta Lynn to become the musical sensation it is today. We wanted to know what had happened to these greats and where they are today, along with look at the musical legacy these all American men and women left behind. Cash was already a musical force by the time the 1970’s rolled around. He began hosting an extraordinarily popular music show, and became friends with every US president from Richard Nixon to Jimmy Carter. SOS villages, helping to bring up a whole host of musical talent, and for touring until his body literally couldn’t take it anymore.