Eternal Life – Berserker

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SWTOR Eternal Championship guide with strategies for all 10 rounds. This is currently on the PTS and scheduled to arrive eternal Life – Berserker Game Update 4.

To get access to Eternal Championship, you have to completed Chapter 9 and then head to Zakuul Platform 6 Cantina. In there you will find a NPC named Dominaire who will talk to you and get you started. Once you talk to him, use the console behind him and get the mission as well as the weeklies. 216 armor sets and a legacy armor set is available for purchase from the tokens. The two adds, Combat Unit and Medical Unit will not attack you but will increase Arlaia’s damage and heal her. So you want to kill them both first before engaging Arlaia. Arlaia have 3 attacks: regular ranged attack that deals about 2.

Fragmentation Grenade that deals 6k-13k damage and Snipe which can deal anywhere from 5k to 18k if buffed by the droids. Daruula comes with two Iknayid pets and spawns sets of two on a timer. You can ignore them for the most part as Daruula throws a Toxic Grenade that follows you around as a red circle and then turns into a yellow static circle. Once the Toxic Grenade turns yellow, you can kite the Iknayids through them as they are vulnerable to the Noxious DoT applied by the yellow circle. The Trained Iknayid hits for about 400 with its rapid melee attacks. The Poisonous Iknayid that spawns later have Poison Bites that deals about 2k damage per bite. The Noxious DoT from the Toxic Genade yellow circle hits for 9-12k damage per tick.

You can completely ignore the Herald of Zildrog and just burn Gungus. Once Gungus reaches a certain timer he will jump in the middle and grapple you in. He will then chain a massive AoE attack called Zildrog’s Judgement. If you stand in it you will take a massive 30k damage, which isn’t lethal for most players so you can stay in and DPS if you like to finish him off. This is a fight where you don’t want to simply kill off one quickly as doing so will cause the remaining one to enrage and gain massive damage buff. When this happens, Conraad will gain a buff that make him gain more damage but he will also take more damage. This will allow you to shave off a huge chunk of Conraad’s HP while Chompers regenerates back to full HP.

Once Chompers regenerate back to full HP, you want to focus back on Chompers and push it to the regenerative state again. If you kill Conraad before Chompers exit the regenerative state, both will die instantly. HP and then you kill Conraad after, Chomper will enrage and likely kill you. 7k damage per tick and K’lorslug Slam attack which is telegraphed by a red circle that you want to move out of. Conraad has a supressive fire conal attack and basic ranged attacks. Soldier adds that deals a bunch of rapid low damage attacks that can be dangerous. This fight is all about managing adds as Lanos himself is a pushover.

Lanos will immediately spawn Reprogrammed Skytrooper Shielders that will make him immune to all damage. To deal with them, use either knockback, interrupt, or stun and they will stop shielding Lanos. They will not die however and will switch their focus to attacking you. The other kind of threat is the Unstable Reprogrammed Skytroopers that will jet charge to you and try to blow you up, You just need to avoid their red circles and they will blow themselves up.

Lastly, groups of regular Reprogrammed Skytroopers will spawn that may need to be dealt with. Luckily they have very low HP. This is one of the more annoying fights that force you to stay at melee range and you will be taking a lot of damage. So if you havn’t used any of the nearby kolto stations it might be good to start using them for this fight.