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We drove through Denver without stopping. This book has passed through many through. It was through him they found out. The body of a car passes through 147 stages on the production line.

The new tax bill finally got through Congress. This train goes through to Boston. He barely managed to pull through. Please be still until I’m through.

When will you be through with school? My sister insists she’s through with selfish friends. Critics say he’s through as a writer. My dad was a sailor, and all through my childhood he was away half of the time at sea, and to an extent I have a similar job. It reminded me a bit of an alternative take on The Wolf of Wall Street—through the Toni and Candace lens. The Chief wounded him, and after the Chief was through, the war added its own licks.

He heard the hum and clang of an electric car off through a chestnut grove. When the boy got through, he cast a speculative glance at the carpetbag. The captain looked at it through his glass, and then examined the chart. He went up and handed it to her through the narrowly opened door.