Maracaibo En La Noche – Various – Venezuela En 2 Guitarras

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Despite the fact that Goldner sold his interests in the Roulette, Rama, Gee, and Tico labels in 1957, he produced some Tico recordings into the late 1960s. Major producers of Tico’s recordings until maracaibo En La Noche – Various – Venezuela En 2 Guitarras were Teddy Reig, Pancho Cristal, Miguel Estivill, Art Kapper and Joe Cain. The early artists on Tico were some of the giants of the genre.

These included the so-called Mambo Kings, Tito Puente, Tito Rodriguez, and Machito, all veteran dance band leaders by the time they began recording for Goldner in the early days. He was the mainstay of the Tico label for its first ten years, then left for RCA, only to return to Tico in the 1960s. KING OF THE CHA CHA MAMBO”. On later pressings this banner read “HI-FIDELITY”. More recent labels had a yellow background.

Almost 40 albums were pressed in the late ’60s by Alegre Recording Corporation with the Tico label. March 25, 1964 by Johnny Pacheco and Jerry Masucci. Tico Records was sold to Fania Records in 1974. After 1974, Jerry Masucci was the principal producer for Tico. Most of the 1960s LPs were issued in stereo, with an “SLP-” prefix.